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How to Play Better Chess

  1. Play great deals of chess, survey your plays and always practice.

You can gain from practically every set of game and everybody. Play against individuals from every distinctive level at various time controls from all around the world.

  1. Be interested in feedback about your plays.

Make an effort not to be protective and simply acknowledge that there are alternate points of view, and your mentor is attempting to help you by indicating out where you turned out badly.

  1. Take general breaks from chess. Prepare your body and especially your mind.

Doing excessively of everything is terrible and it will prompt undesirable conditions. In the event that you don’t take customary breaks from the game, follow good ergonomic examples (like seating and posture), and if you don’t try different games and physical exercises, your chess game will really suffer.

  1. Listen to what better chess players say.

It is absolutely these circumstances that prompt wisdom. They are as of now one stage ahead, so they know how to help you since they have effectively experienced what you will be experiencing. Likewise, don’t be reluctant to ask questions.

  1. Never surrender. Continuously work hard.

You can’t win in the event that you surrender. So do your best always.


Smart Tips for Saving Money When Hiring a Limo to a Chess Championship

People rent or hire limos for various occasions such as touring, attending an event, or traveling to or from the airport. Regardless of your reasons, the Limos in Pittsburgh PA that you hire guarantee comfortable rides that you cannot get from other cars.

Limo rentals are not exactly cheap, but there are ways you can save money. Try these tips to spend less.

‘ Let the limo hire company understand your transport needs so that they can give you a comprehensive quote. This way, you will know what you are paying for and the exact amount of money you need to pay. You might also be able to negotiate and decide which of the additional benefits you requested for can be removed from the cost to fit the budget.

‘ Define the size of the limo you wish to rent for the chess championship. Hire a small limo if you’re alone. There is no need for hiring a limo for 4-6 people when you’re all by yourself. Therefore, explain to the limo firm the number of people you will be traveling with. It costs less to hire a small limo; hence, saving you money.

‘ Check the age of the limos the company has. In many instances, it costs less to hire old, vintage cars than it does the newer varieties. Do not hesitate to request for a discount if the limos you wish to hire have covered thousands of miles and have been in service for several years.

Use these tips to save money while hiring limos in Pittsburg PA.


Chess Tournament Equipment Regulations

Did you ever wonder how to set up a chess tournament? Here are some things you require to know concerning the regulations surrounding what you can and cannot have in tournaments. The following discussion follows FIDE tournament rules.

1. Chess Pieces for Tournaments.

Both players must agree on the chess pieces used by either player. The pieces can be made of any material that is wood, plastic or imitates either option. The height of the King should be 3.75 inches, with a bottom diameter of about 1.5 inches. There is a small wiggle room the size of your pieces, but not a lot. There is no particular ruling on the weight of the pieces, although I highly suggest heavy piece because they make for better stability.

The style of pieces is flexible, but Staunton style recommended. The only important rule is that the King and the Queen must be clearly differentiated. The dark pieces in the chess set are usually brown or black or must be a dark shade of these two colors. The light pieces may be natural wood color or any other light color. It’s important that your pieces are not too shiny – as that is a major distraction in a tournament.

2. Chess Boards for Tournaments.

Depending on the tournament, the type of material used in the board may matter. Most tournaments, however, will allow wood, stone, marble, vinyl, plastic, or cardboard. The important marker of a tournament chess board is that the contrast in the colors used to be significant enough. The boards cannot have a shiny finish.

The measurement of the squares on the board should be two times the diameter of a pawn’s base. The most popular square size is 2-2.5 inches.

3. Chess Clocks for Tournaments.

Both analog (mechanical) and digital chess clocks are acceptable at most tournaments. Analog chess clocks should be able to signal full hours and a flag that can be clearly seen when it falls. It is advised that the clock runs as quietly as possible (a loud ticking clock can disrupt play).

Digital Chess Clocks follow similar rules. It should show at all times the remaining time left for both players. The displays need to be legible from a distance of 10 feet away. The clock ought to run without a battery change for at least 10 hours. The clock should also have a security feature making it impossible to erase or alter the data in the display with an easy manipulation.

Finding good chess supplies for a chess tournament can be a challenge. Try Wholesale Chess, where they offer great deals on Tournament chess sets.


Rules of Chess Success: Be a Chess Master

The chess players may win in a set of a game in a splendid and excellent plan. In any case, they would lose and get pounded like somebody who has played his first chess game against a chess master.

So here are a few rules on the best way to be a chess master:

Rule 1: Play chess frequently.

Chess is a contact game. The more you engage yourself in it, the more complexities and nuances you will learn about it. But, playing chess a great deal alone won’t benefit you.

Rule 2: Study enlightening expert games.

If you need to be effective at something, you have to take a gander at the successful individuals in that industry and study what they do. A similar thing can be said with regards to enhancing your chess.

Rule 3: Learn how to think accurately.

Chess is a thinking sport. Memorized moves and varieties won’t get you too far. With a large number of outcomes, you will experience a position where you are without anyone else’s help.

No measure of opening readiness and remembrance could help you. Your chess thinking process – if it’s effective or not, will decide whether you will end up as the winner or disintegrate in annihilation.

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