How to Play Better Chess

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  1. Play great deals of chess, survey your plays and always practice.

You can gain from practically every set of game and everybody. Play against individuals from every distinctive level at various time controls from all around the world.

  1. Be interested in feedback about your plays.

Make an effort not to be protective and simply acknowledge that there are alternate points of view, and your mentor is attempting to help you by indicating out where you turned out badly.

  1. Take general breaks from chess. Prepare your body and especially your mind.

Doing excessively of everything is terrible and it will prompt undesirable conditions. In the event that you don’t take customary breaks from the game, follow good ergonomic examples (like seating and posture), and if you don’t try different games and physical exercises, your chess game will really suffer.

  1. Listen to what better chess players say.

It is absolutely these circumstances that prompt wisdom. They are as of now one stage ahead, so they know how to help you since they have effectively experienced what you will be experiencing. Likewise, don’t be reluctant to ask questions.

  1. Never surrender. Continuously work hard.

You can’t win in the event that you surrender. So do your best always.

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