The chess players may win in a set of a game in a splendid and excellent plan. In any case, they would lose and get pounded like somebody who has played his first chess game against a chess master.

So here are a few rules on the best way to be a chess master:

Rule 1: Play chess frequently.

Chess is a contact game. The more you engage yourself in it, the more complexities and nuances you will learn about it. But, playing chess a great deal alone won’t benefit you.

Rule 2: Study enlightening expert games.

If you need to be effective at something, you have to take a gander at the successful individuals in that industry and study what they do. A similar thing can be said with regards to enhancing your chess.

Rule 3: Learn how to think accurately.

Chess is a thinking sport. Memorized moves and varieties won’t get you too far. With a large number of outcomes, you will experience a position where you are without anyone else’s help.

No measure of opening readiness and remembrance could help you. Your chess thinking process – if it’s effective or not, will decide whether you will end up as the winner or disintegrate in annihilation.

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